Responsibility and obligations of the editorial board

- The editorial board of the scientific journal “Intermarium” is guided by the reliability of the provided data and the scientific significance of the work when makes decision on articles publication.

- The editorial board evaluates the intellectual content of the articles regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, background, citizenship, social status or political preferences of the authors.

- Unpublished data, obtained for reviewing are, in no way, used for personal purposes and are not shared with third parties.

- The editorial board does not confirm a scientific article to be published, if there are sufficient grounds for believing, that it is plagiarism.

- The editorial board of the journal undertakes to respond to all claims, concerning the examined scientific works or already published materials.

Responsibilities and obligations of reviewers

- Scientific materials, received for peer review are considered as confidential documents that cannot be shared with third parties for reviewing or discussion, without authorization from the editorial board.

- The reviewer is obliged to give an objective and reasoned assessment of the results of the research.

Responsibilities and obligations of authors

- The authors of the article should provide only reliable results of the research.  Knowingly erroneous or falsified statements are unacceptable.

- The authors guarantee that the results of the research are completely original. Borrowed fragments or statements are drawn up with an indispensable indication of the author and the source. Excessive borrowings, as well as plagiarism in any forms, including undrawn quoting, paraphrasing is unacceptable.

- Authors do not submit to the editorial staff of the journal materials that were sent to another journal for reviewing, as well as the article that has already been published in another journal.