Intermarium (pol. Międzymorze, русск. Межморье) ˗ the concept of a partner bloc of states from the Baltic to the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea.

For the first time, the concept of “Intermarium” was put forward by Józef Piłsudski after the First World War. Since then, the world has changed, new states have emerged, but intercultural, scientific and economic ties have remained and have being updated.

In the context of the necessity of protection against external threats, and the development of cluster forms of interaction between the countries of the Baltic and Black Sea region, the idea of creation of a scientific cluster “Intermarium” has become especially relevant. In November 2010, the International Scientific Conference “New Region of Europe: Paradigms of Regional Development in the Baltic and the Black Sea Region” was held in Vilnius (Lithuania). Scientists from different countries were developing ground for the beginning of joint scientific work for five years.

The scientific cluster of “Intermarium” was created in October 2016 and consists of higher educational institutions, scientific institutions and publishing houses of Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Georgia. In order to coordinate the work of the cluster, the Baltic Research Institute of Transformation Economic Area (Riga, Latvia) was created.

Thus, the co-founders of the scientific journal “Intermarium” are the scientific cluster of “Intermarium”, the Baltic Research Institute of Transformation Economic Area and the publishing house “Baltija Publishing”. The journal is the link that allows to discuss and keep abreast of all the new scientific ideas, to receive the information that is necessary for awareness and analysis of information for scientists who are not only from the member countries of the cluster, but also from the whole world.